IELTS Practice writing task 2: Music in life – 音楽ーÂm nhạc cuộc sống

01 Apr

TOPIC: There are Many different types of music today. Why do we need music? Is there traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard every where nowadays?

When the living standard is improved, people are easy to choose their favorite entertainment such as movies, concerts, games… However, the most popular is listening to music. Why music can reach the highest recommend when we are asked about favorite activities in our free time? This essay will focus on illustrating several reasons to answer this question and giving personal opinion about the traditional music and international music.

In recent years, various kinds of music such as Pop, Ballad, R&B, Hip-hop…are becoming more closed with the public than they used to be. When we are tired of high working pressure or get in troubles, people are fond of choosing songs and listening. After that, they feel more comfortable and relaxed. Like this, music is one of the best methods to reduce stress and make people think more optimistically. In addition, music can give inspiration to work, learn or fight. In the past, when the wars occurred, numerous songs were composed to raise the spirit of soldiers, so they have more power to fight against enemy. Large number of composers wrote songs not because of the reputation, but the chance to convey their feelings and told their life stories by musical notation. Those songs were learned by heart by the general public because they sympathized with those feelings of music writers.

Because of those necessities of music, people not only listen to national music, but also international songs because they love the foreign languages, thymes or singers. In my opinion, music can be listened anywhere and anytime, regardless of languages, nations, races or genders. However, although the youth is likely to prefer international music, especially English songs, the national music is dear to hearts. Firstly, local songs are written in native language so the local community from child to the elderly can understand them. Moreover, communities have their own traditional or folk music and it helps human beings get connected with the cultural heritage.

In conclusion, a variety of songs are played because they can make life to be more beautiful, convey the feelings among people and give inspiration to work and learn effectively. Nonetheless, national songs always have a special part in our souls despite the popularity of international music.

Writer: Cua Đồng

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